About Us


Yellow Dandy is an online only kids boutique, we were based out of Perth, Australia - but have recently moved our family across the country to Geelong, Victoria. We love stylish kids clothes, kids interiors, decor and unique children's products from around the world. You wont find everyday run of the mill kids stuff here, but the type of amazing kids products that both parents and little ones a like fall in love with! Many of our brands are eco-friendly, handmade or organic, but ALL of them are awesome! We are all about kids stuff that doesn't make parents cringe, but products that are well designed, practical and suit the family home, whilst still making it fun!! 

Yellow Dandy started off as my blog (and it still exists, click on the blog link above to see it), but has now become a shop as well! Something that I have been dreaming about starting for a long time, well really for about 3 years now, ever since my first son was born (he's now 6), and now with three kids I've spent a lot of time obsessing over finding cool clothing and unique decor for babies and kids. I have three kids (Ezra, Willow and Archer aged 6,4 and 2) and with the support of my amazing husband, who has dubbed himself the 'warehouse beast', this dream has now become a reality. 

We have more brands and products arriving all the time, as I am constantly sourcing new and amazing products from Australia and around the globe! So be sure to check our NEW ARRIVALS page often, and follow us on INSTAGRAM OR/AND FACEBOOK or enter your email address below to get our latest news delivered straight to your email inbox so you don't miss a thing! 

 Karen x