Mini Rodini AW15 Mosquito Collection Online Now!

Posted: Aug 01 2015



New Mini Rodini AW15 Mosquito collection online at Yellow Dandy Australia

Every season I am more and more impressed with the impeccable designs and quality that Mini Rodini deliver! Their latest children's clothing collection titled Mosquito, for the AW15 season has only released their 1st Drop (out of 3), and the feeling I get, is that everyone is already blown away! I have so much respect for this brand who are so committed to making organic and sustainable kids clothing, but that is also fun, and amazing quality! This season is inspired by the Jungle Book! It includes all sorts of fun Monkeys, Bengal Tigers, Elephants, Peacocks and so many really great pieces!

My kids fell in love with it the minute I started unpacking the boxes! They keep picking this up and proclaiming, 'this is mine'! Ha, They wish! Although, of course, I always order a few extra pieces for my own kids, because I love it all too! And, they can be washed, and washed (you know what kids are like, constantly dirtying stuff) and Mini Rodini pieces don't seem to fade or stretch or anything! They just wear, and wear and wear!! So they are great for hand-me-downs too! And my kids certainly put their clothes through the paces!   

Mini Rodini Dot Skirt Green



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