You're A Bit Boring

Posted: May 07 2014

The other day whilst I was hanging washing out outside, as you do, Ezra came out and asked me to come in and play legos (duplo) with him. I told him that I was sorry but I had to hang the washing out. To which he replied, 'it's a bit boring', and I giggled, I don't know where he picked that phrase up, but it was pretty funny to hear him say it. 'I know', I answered, 'I wish I didn't have to'. And then he piped up again with, "Mum, YOU'RE a bit boring'. To which I laughed and continued on with my household chores.

It wasn't until later that night when there was finally some peace and quiet that I remembered our funny little conversation. And I know that he probably didn't mean anything by it, because he's two and a half, and two and a half year olds often say wild and wacky things, or just copy things they've heard on tv. Then again sometimes two and a half year olds can be more insightful than we give them credit for. But, for me, it was probably something that I needed to hear. It struck a bit of a chord and when I reflected on the week that I had with the kids, I realised just how boring I was.

Cleaning, looking at my phone, cooking, washing dishes, getting frustrated at kids, looking at Instagram, putting clothes away, texting someone, googling something, playing duplo (without enthusiasm), telling him off, waiting on hold for half an hour on the phone, doing grocery shopping, reading some random article, wiping tables, putting kids to bed, looking at my phone...all serious, no fun for them. He was totally right, whether he actually meant it, or even knew what he said or not, he was right.

I was 'a bit BORING'. In fact, I was really fricken boring, and thats not me, thats never been me, so why was I so dull and disengaged?

I wonder if it was just the monotony of the daily tasks that had gotten into my head, or maybe it was because my mind was elsewhere, in internet world where I am planning, thinking, dreaming, learning. Who knows. But in the last weeks, or even months I felt myself being less present in the moment and just getting on with things. Not taking the time, the real time to invest, have fun, laugh, learn, play, invent, joke and all those really special moments that I will remember much more fondly that reading some random article on buzzfeed that someone shared on Facebook! I love the online world, but part of it drives me crazy how easily it sucks me in.

So, my goal and my intentions from now on are simply to not be boring. To go and play, to be sporadic, creative and engaged, to make cubby houses out of the couch cushions, to have crazy rock n roll dance parties, to dance our grumpies out, to run around the back yard and play chasey, and all those things that make my kids smile and laugh! I'm not suggesting that I should spend every minute entertaining them, because I think its important for them to play on their own too, but to take some time, everyday, to have fun, to laugh and to just enjoy each others company. Of course, the boring things still have to be done, I wish they didn't, but thats life,  but it is all about taking the time to have some fun! There are too many distractions, too many things vying  for my attention, and it is easy to get caught up in things that don't matter. And then I read stories like, THIS, about how Jacqui from Baby Boy Bakery recently lost her little boy in a tragic accident, and it totally and utterly breaks my heart. I don't even know her, but the thought of something like that puts EVERYTHING back into perspective.

So, if you were to do a little self-evaluation, where do you stand on the boring-------> ultra fun scale?
 And are you happy with where you're at?

 Because I totally wasn't, but these last few days have been sooo much better. For us all.

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BatMum certainly isn't boring!! 
Early morning pj walks and plays at the beach are much more fun than grumpy early mornings in front of the tellie! 


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