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Posted: Jun 16 2014

So, I've been madly working for the last number of weeks trying to turn a long time dream of mine into a reality! And so here it is, finally I can announce that coming very soon, I will be launching my very own children's clothing and home decor web boutique (ie. Online store) ! And I am ooooh so excited! It will be located at WWW.YELLOWDANDY.COM.AU (so the blog is .com and the shop is 

I've had an obsession with kids style and kids interiors for a while now, so, as you can imagine I have had so much fun ordering products from some of my favourite children's brands! Many of them organic and ethically produced, but all of them are AWESOME! Some of the brands coming our way, include Bandit Kids, Mini Rodini, Nununu, POPUPSHOP, Beau Loves,  MiniWilla, Lucky Boy Sunday, Jamie Kay, Omm Design,  Fine Little Day and more!! I can't wait to see them all in person! And their new season stuff is AMAZING!! Can you tell I'm a little in love with the Scandinavian brands and style?

 This is something that has been on the back burner for me, waiting for the right time for a LONG time! It's something that I have been constantly dreaming about and half-planning in my head. And then recently, I decided, no more waiting, no more dreaming, lets make this happen! SO, I put the wheels in motion, I've been working on it at every chance I get! I've been ordering products, setting up my website, planning and prepping! Its been full on, and so much work, but I LOVE it! One of the hardest parts is trying to keep it all under wraps, but all the while being bursting to tell you!! It is why its has been a little quiet around here. The shop has been all I've been thinking about, but I didn't want to announce it until the right time! 

Now for the blog, it will stay relatively the same! I'm sure there will be a few more kids style and kids design features, but other than that, I love blogging, so I will keep doing it!! 

I've set up a new Facebook Page specifically for the SHOP! So you can stay updated with our launch date, promotions, sales and new products here

This MiniWilla rabbit poster, plus a whole lot more just turned up on my doorstep whilst I was writing this!! One of these is going up in our play room for sure! I love it! 


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