Mini Rodini Pre AW16

Posted: May 28 2016

The new Mini Rodini Pre AW16 collection has just hit our virtual shelves! With Bunnies, Wolves and Bears whats not to love! And it is a little taste of the upcoming AW16 collection 'Young and Free in Alaska'

Some of the pieces in this collection, like the gorgeous Bunny collar dress is made from  environmentally friendly Modal®. Modal® is used to replace conventional viscose, which requires a lot of chemicals and water to be produced. The Modal fibers are made from beech tree cellulose and all chemicals used in the process are run through a closed system. That makes the chemicals recyclable and prevents them from spilling out into nature. When producing Modal®, much less land area and water is used compared to the manufacturing process of for example organic cotton.

We love that Mini Rodini constantly are raising the bar in creating ethically produced clothing! 



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